Mother’s Day gift wrap set

7 May, 2013


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As you may have noticed, there’s a pretty big day coming up for all the Mums (and let’s not forget the Grandmums) out there! Yes, some say it’s commercialism at it’s best, but we at george loves toast know that things can always be given a creative, handmade twist, so I thought today we’d help with a gift wrap set for the kids to make at home.

As there’s some cutting out to do, some adult, or older sibling help will be needed for the younger kids, so Dads and Partners, this is one for you to get involved with. (Mums, just direct your other halves to the blog, no need for you to have to peek at the downloadable PDF’s below.)

Downloadable PDF’s

What you’ll need

  • A home printer
  • Some card to print on (as thick as your printer allows)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (for the gift box)
  • A hole punch for the gift tags
  • String or ribbon for the gift tags
  • A C6 envelope for the Mother’s Day card, but not essential

It’s as simple as printing out the PDF onto card and following the guides on the PDF.

The box is the perfect size for a beautiful bar of soap, some of Mums favourite chocolates, or even some jewellery. Choose your favourite message that you’d like (on the lid) and print that PDF.

Mum will Western union money order love her surprise!



george loves toast is a collaboration between two Sydney graphic designer friends and Mums, Veronica and Vanessa. One sunny, kid-free afternoon we put our heads together and came up with the idea of creating a website dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity. We both love to create, inspire and share our passion for all things creative, so in early 2013, we turned this concept into reality and george loves toast was born. We hope you and your children will feel as inspired as we are. We are oh-so-excited to finally be sharing george loves toast with you.

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