Introducing george loves toast

12 Apr, 2013


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“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

george loves toast is a collaboration between two Sydney graphic designer friends and Mums, Vanessa and Veronica. Our goal is to create a website dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity in all shapes and forms.

Raising and looking after kids is immensely rewarding and exciting. But lets face it, there are days when it’s hard enough trying to figure out what’s for lunch, let alone trying to think about creative activities that are simple and fun, don’t cost the earth, and hopefully keep your child interested for more than five minutes. This is where we come in!

Each week we’ll bring you creative ideas to share with the little ones in your lives. We’re bursting with ideas and are excited to be able to share them with you. We’ll also showcase our favourite and unique children’s items that are currently out there.

Aside from writing what we hope to be an informative blog, we’re also busy putting the final touches to some of our own exciting creations, which we will be sharing with you very soon. To be kept in the loop about our latest endeavours, make sure you follow us on our facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter here.

So please, enjoy, share and experiment with our ideas. Hopefully, between us Moneygram locations and yourselves, we can harness a bit of good old-fashioned, imaginative fun in our children’s lives.

Vanessa and Veronica

Introducing us to you

  1. A love of old apothecary bottles led Vanessa to this old jar, found in a little gift shop in her favourite village, Berrima in the NSW Southern Highlands.
  2. We have a huge passion for typography and the old type-setting methods which were once used. This is an ampersand (&) letter pressing block collected from David met Nicole which is has sadly closed its doors.
  3. One of Veronica’s favourite hand-made felt brooches from Glebe Markets (via Nepal).
  4. This classic Brio Dachshund pull-along toy was designed in 1953. It hasn’t changed since, but still looks amazingly in keeping with todays style. Vanessa’s little boy adores him!
  5. An old register key, also from David met Nicole. We did say we love typography. Well, anything with a beautiful numeral on it also gives us goosebumps. Especially if it’s old.
  6. These Queen Holden designed paper dress up dolls were picked up years ago in Melbourne. They have been kept safe for a few years now as they are too precious to play with.
  7. One of Vanessa’s granny smith apples. Surprisingly, she had one uneaten.
  8. Did we mention we love collecting pins as well as brooches?
  9. A 1910 Kodak Box Brownie camera. Need I say more. This is a highly cherished piece and one of the things that inspired Veronica’s love of photography.


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