Digging for bones

2 May, 2013


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The Australian Museum, in Sydney, is a wonderful place for young dino-lovers to learn and explore that amazing time, when dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. It’s an instant jaw dropping experience for little and big kids alike. There is a great play-and-discover area for toddlers, as well as the replica dinosaurs, and bones on display. They can get up close, have a smell, a scratch, a poke, or get involved in some of the other interactive displays installed.

Digging for bones

(L) Dinosaur bones at the Australian Museum. (R) Toddler play area

In one area, they can even dig in a big sand box and dust off bones for themselves. Baker Girl was certainly impressed. So much so, that for three days she kept asking if we could dig for bones again, so I decided to recreate the experience at home. I have Coinstar fees a big carton of coloured rice that I use for tactile play, so I poured it all into a largish paint container and buried her animal magnets deep. I gave Baker Girl the task of ‘digging them up’ and cleaning them off like the dinosaur bones using a paintbrush.

(L) Digging for bones at the Australian Museum. (R) Our rice play at home.

(L) Digging for bones at the Australian Museum. (R) Our rice play at home.

What you’ll need:

  • A big carton of coloured rice. I got the recipe from Just for Daisy.
  • A largish, shallow container (for all the rice).
  • Some small animals (or any ‘treasure’ you fancy). I used Baker Girl’s Melissa and Doug animal magnets.
  • Some brushes, spoons and/or scoops for digging around with

And a dustpan and brush to clean up the mess!!

Digging for bones

We thought it was lots of fun!

Hope you do too.


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