Creative Upcycling – Chalkboard table

11 Apr, 2013


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We’ve had this little old wooden table for years – Baker Man doesn’t even know where it came from. Most recently, it was being used as Baker Girls play table. I really wanted to have a chalkboard and knew Baker Girl would enjoy it too, so I thought I’d give this piece of furniture a second use, as well as a make-over. This is clearly a project for the adults to make.

Creative Up-cycling – Chalkboard table

What I needed:

  • An old wooden table
  • A sanding pad
  • White primer
  • White Knights Chalkboard Paint
  • White Knights Squirts aerosol paint in Violet (they have a bigger range of colours in the spray cans than their cans of paint and it’s much easier and quicker to apply).
  • A drop sheet
  • Newspaper
  • Painters (or masking) tape
  • A sunny, breeze free day. Definitely not a project for indoors as it’s very smelly.
  • You may choose to wear gloves and a mask.

Creative Up-cycling – Chalkboard table

Here’s how I went about it:

Step 1: My table was varnished so I needed to give it a light sanding to start, followed by two coats of primer. I applied that with the brush and waited 24 hours between coats.

Step 2: Once the primer was dry, I covered the table-top area, (where I would later be applying the chalkboard paint), with newspaper taped down with painters tape right up to the edge.

Step 3. Once I got my breeze free day, I got to work and heavily sprayed the bottom part of the table with my purple paint. The can recommends two coats but if you spray it thick enough, I found that one coat was really enough (unless of course, one can doesn’t cover your table). When I did the legs, I held a piece of card behind it to catch the off-spray. I also used my brush to smooth out any drips, just like I did in the Chalkboard eggs project.

Step 4: Once finished and dried, I then removed my paper covering. I waited 24 hours before painting the table-top (as I needed to use painters tape again to mask and protect the purple areas) and then gave it two coats of chalkboard paint with my brush. The can recommends waiting 24 hours for the paint to completely dry, before getting out the chalks for some doodling fun!


Step 5: I added a basket underneath in which we now keep pencils, chalk and other crafty items and it sits happily in the lounge-room. It gets all sorts of use, from messages from the Easter Bunny, to keeping a tally of games we play, to just plain old doodling. One happy little customer!




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