Chalkboard eggs

I recently saw a great blog post on It’s Overflowing about painting eggs in chalkboard paint for Easter. It was an activity I had to have a crack at. I have a 2.5 year old girl however, and wasn’t sure about letting her play with real eggs, even if they were hard-boiled. I decided to set off to my local dollar shop to get some craft/plastic eggs, and picked up some faux grass too. I had chalkboard paint left over from my chalk board table project.


I was a bit time poor to neatly paint my six eggs but found it just as efficient to dip the eggs straight into the paint. Below is how I went about it. Alternatively, you can follow the method described at It’s Overflowing.

Firstly, I dipped the eggs in about three quarters of the way and put them in the loo-paper rings, paint side down. I had to wait 24 hours before I could dip the other end. When I dipped the other end and turned the egg over, the fresh paint started to run down the sides so I got a small paint brush and just did some brush strokes over the dribble to smooth the paint out.


After a further 24 hours, the eggs were ready to play with. Easy. I put them in a pretty bowl with my faux grass and gave my daughter some chalk to decorate (I may have ‘helped’ with the first batch!). The beauty with these eggs of course, is that you can wipe them clean and redecorate to your hearts content. A lovely centerpiece for an Easter gathering!


AGE: Definitely leave the painting for the grown ups. Chalkboard paint smells very toxic and is hard to clean up. I’d say 2.5 up is a good age for decorating and playing with them. My daughter needed a bit of a hand and my decision to use plastic eggs was certified after she dropped them off the table a half dozen times.


Happy Easter!


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  1. Aimee - It's Overflowing says:

    These turned out GREAT!!! Thanks for stopping by…you’ve got a wonderful blog! XO, Aimee

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